Ludo Mich – MULTI D : 2D

Artist : Ludo Mich
Duration : 48:30 min.
Year : 1982/2007
Soundtrack: The Joyous Cosmology (2007)
€ 15.00
Postage not included

“Finally it seems to me that we should direct all our efforts like the dadaist Raoul Hausmann toward the creation of an optophonetic art, which one day allow us to see music and hear pictures simultaneously” is a line by Moholy-Nagy that introduces Ludo Mich’s film MULTI D : 2D from 1982. During the 1970s and 1980s Ludo Mich intensely experimented with holography as a new medium in art. His aim was not to manufacture beautiful and reproducable 3D images, but to investigate and realise works of art that existed in multiple dimensions. In his self-built laboratory he investigated systems for holo-cinema and holo-sonics (images that make sound waves visible). The film MULTI D:2D served as a 2D element in Ludo’s holographic installations of the period. The film itself was the result of a mixture of techniques, which included celluloid, video, laser light and animation, an experimental process in which even a brand new camera was destroyed by laser beams.

In 2007, Cinema Nova in downtown Brussels celebrated its 10th anniversary. This collective – under the leadership of Philippe Brrr – has screened rare films and organised exceptional live performances, exhibitions, magazines, and other events and publications for years. During the celebrations in 2007, a digitized version of Multi D: 2D was screened, accompanied by a live performance of ‘The Joyous Cosmology’. The DVD combines both the original digitised film from 1982 and the accompanying soundtrack by The Joyous Cosmology from 2007.

Sax, theremin: Djuna Michielsen
Modelling synth & Bells: Maarten Tibos
Synth: Niko Rubbens
Guitar: Frank Vranckx
Noises, sound effects and laptopmouthscapes: Hans De Ley