Sod And Sodie Sock / Studio C

sold outBand : Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy & Violent Onsen Geisha
Label : Compound Annex, #7 + #8
Year : 1998
Tracks : 10 + 13
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This 2-CD pair features performances in Tokyo in 1996. Sod and Sodie Sock documents a performance at the P-House gallery, where the three musicians performed together and separately. The action extended beyond the gallery, into the street in front, and down the block to a local hair salon. Recordings documenting the simultaneous activities of Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy and Violent Onsen Geisha have been combined to allow the listener to experience the entire group of, spatially separated, performances at once.

Studio C features improvisations recorded in a sound studio environment. East meets West in this collaboration between renowned American West Coast and Japanese noise giants. A must for fans of Japanese noise music, and fans of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.