The Third Mind: Nightcrawlerz 1981-1990

sold outArtists : Barry Roth & Cary Loren
Publisher : The End Is Here, #13
Year : 2002
Tracks : 90 / 146 minutes
Trade edition limited to 500 copies
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Nightcrawlerz was formed by Cary Loren and Barry Roth in Detroit in the late 70s. Loren, a founding member of Destroy All Monsters, apprenticed in 1973 with New-York underground film-maker Jack Smith. Roth, a fine-art photographer, studied in the early 70s under poet Robert Creeley. The literary theorist manual The Third Mind by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin published in 1978 influenced their sound/lit collaboration. The Nightcrawlerz project covered 10 years and included video, drawing, sculpture, photography, magazine and sound projects.

The present 2 CD set collects 146 minutes of poetry/sound collage across 90 tracks. Special appearances by techno/godfather dj Electrifyin’ Mojo and correspondence/pop artist Ray Johnson are included.

Also available a signed edition limited to 100 copies, boxed, incl. NC booklet & plastic worms: follow the US orders link.