Monster Island – From the Michigan Floor

Band : Monster Island
Publisher : Book Beat/The End Is Here
Year : 2009
Tracks : 22 / 85 minutes
€ 15.00
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Full-fledged psychedelic revivalism going on here, bathed in sitars, bells, vague religious musings, and even a reference to the Kent State shootings. Beginning with Lady of Shalot (adapted from a Tennyson poem), Loren’s acoustic guitar and gruff vocal delivery (which sounds almost identical to Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb) weave through 11 songs about death, Jesus, war, magic mirrors, and Japanese movie monsters with such conviction that it doesn’t take much suspension of disbelief to imagine this album is some lost psych-rock gem. The warm production of Warren Defever (from His Name is Alive) helps matters, as does the sitar playing of Outrageous Cherry member Matt Smith, who appears almost throughout the album. Erika Hoffman of Godzuki is also featured prominently, singing and playing violin and bells. Overall, the album is pretty mellow and subtle; no fuzz guitar freakouts really. Rather, Loren chooses to explore the folkier side of psych with From the Michigan Floor. (source: All Music Guide)