John Sinclair & Monster Island – Peyotemind

sold outBand : John Sinclair & Monster Island
Publisher : The End Is Here, #12
Year : 2002
Tracks : 4 / 68 minutes
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Peyotemind is a project that began while researching the Music is Revolution CD (The End Is Here #10). A 1963 student notebook written by John Sinclair and an essay written while under the influence of peyote. This work became the main 33 minute title track for the Peyotemind CD, an improvisation recorded by Monster Island with vocals added later by the author John Sinclair. An early and important contribution to psychedelic culture, Peyotemind was recorded in Detroit in one take in the fall of 2000.

Also included are two other Monster Island improvisations Ganges Dawn and Eternal Now – a 20 minute hommage to Detroit native Alice Coltrane. The last track is Sinclair’s infamous poem Monk in Orbit drawn from his expanded Book Of Monk project begun in 1985. This track was recorded live at the Detroit Contemporary Gallery with John Sinclair on vocals and special guest Len Bukowski on bass clarinet – a wild ride on the other side of darkness.

Also available at Sea Urchin Editions is the book Realizations Of Peyotemind And After, written by John Sinclair. The book and CD are also both available in a limited and signed edition for 26 euro.