Destroy All Monsters – Swamp Gas

sold outBand : Destroy All Monsters
Publisher : The End Is Here, #14
Year : 2002
Duration : 71 minutes
Plastic 7″ sleeve and topper & Swamp Gas
€ 15.00
Postage & packing not included

Recorded by Destroy All Monsters in Detroit at Time Stereo studios. The disc contains a voice track by Sun Ra remixed from orginal tapes, samples supplied for the group by Japanese noise artist Violent Onsen Geisha (Nakahara Masaya) and the 18 minute Mike Kelley UFO rant Dexter 1966.

Special packaging of the CD includes a band edited UFO newspaper: Swamp Gas Gazette, with various UFO articles, UFO religions, and rants mixed with descriptions of LSD trips, illustrated with cosmic blob images. This project draws its inspiration from the great Dexter, Michigan UFO chase of 1966, the rise of garage band rock, and the Boo-Hoo bible.