Destroy All Monsters – Grow Live Monsters (DVD)


Band : Destroy All Monsters


Publisher : MVD Visual/Book Beat

Year : 2007

Duration : 145 minutes

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Grow Live Monsters is a selection of 8mm, super-8, and 16 mm film phantasies from the period 1971-76. While still at high school Cary Loren started a correspondence with underground filmmaker, actor, and performance artist Jack Smith, which led to a meeting in the summer of 1973. Shortly after that the artists’ band Destroy All Monsters was formed by Mike Kelley. Jim Shaw, Cary Loren, and Niagara. Most films on this DVD revolve around this group of friends and the music they produced in basements and during live performances. The soundtrack is a mixture of vintage Destroy All Monsters and samples and recordings that reflect Smith’s love of exotica.

This DVD also features:
Cary Loren – Shake a Lizard Tail or Rust Belt Rump
Monsters Redux (concert takes, memorabilia, photos)
DAM Invades Seattle (Seattle 2000 concert)
Hometown Horrors (band pics and production stills)