The Blorp Esette Gazette, Volume Two

Artists : LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society)
Compilation CD of 14 artists
Label : Ace & Duce / Transparency
Year : 2014
Package : CD comes in a six-panel digipak
plus 4-page booklet
Tracks: 14 / 63 min.
€ 12.50

Postage & packing not included

On this compilation CD Ace Farren Ford and Ju Suk Reet Meate take you on an intense trip to the farthest corners of the musical landscape. The CD spans a period of almost 40 years (the oldest recording dates from 1976, the most recent from 2013) and unites all sorts of approaches to music into a wild, deconstructionist desert flower.

In 1977 Ace Farren Ford, one of the founding members of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, released a compilation album of various artists called “Blorp Esette” on 12″ vinyl on the LAFMS label. A double LP called “Blorp Esette Volume 2″ was released three years later. And two re-issues of these LPs, combined with previously unreleased material, appeared as 4-CD boxes in 1999 and 2011. The concept of an audio magazine which would feature contributions of various members of LAFMS – past and present – and would keep the Blorp Esette series active, was developed and realised by Ace Farren Ford as the “Blorp Esette Gazette”, a quarterly audio magazine. Volume 1 appeared in 2013 and volume 2 in May 2014.

The Blorp Esette Gazette Volume Two are 14 tracks compiled by Ace Farren Ford and Ju Suk Reet Meate and mastered by the latter for Ace & Duce / Transparency and the Los Angeles Free Music Society. The six-panel sleeve has otherworldly artwork by Rick Potts. Artistic Director of the production: Ace Farren Ford. Contributions by: The Reverend Toad-Eater, Smegma, Rick Potts, Skip Heller, Clown Car, Electric Bill Robinson, Mr. Les Franklin, Mannlicher Carcano, Don Lewis, AMP (Ace, Mars, Pierre), Raw dog benson, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau Mama Baer, Dead Channel, and John Duncan.

The Blorp Estette Vol 2

Log with handle by Rotterdam-based artist Allard Budding