Artificial Artist: Collected Improvisations As Recorded By Ace Farren Ford

Artists : Ace Farren Ford, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia, Dr. Odd (Smegma), M.T. Lubotamy, the Spudbub (the Child Molesters), Ark Welding, Art Less, John Paul Bormann, Donald Byrnes (S.P.F.M.E.), Phil Irwin, Marla Vee, Anne Harney (Rancid Vat)

Label : Ace & Duce / Transparency

Year : 2008

Tracks : 15 / 1.1 hours

€ 15.00

Postage not included

The CD contains improvisational pieces as recorded by Ace Farren Ford between 1981-1987. The tracks vary from recordings done in a car with a plastic cassette recorder to fragments of improvised music played by Ace Farren Ford and friends at various venues. Artwork by Ace Farren Ford.