New in : Stuart Z. Perkoff – Voices Of The Lady

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Stuart Z. Perkoff – Voices Of The Lady

Stuart Z. Perkoff’s Voices of the Lady was published posthumously by the National Poetry Foundation in 1998. That compilation contained all of his books, his journal publications, and much unpublished work, including the sequence The Venice Poems. Counter Culture Chronicles has now released a rare recording of the same name, on which Perkoff (1930-74) can be heard reading a selection of his poems for KFML Radio in Denver in 1971. The Lady was the spirit that Perkoff communicated with when he wrote poetry. He thought of himself as the channel through which his muse sent messages into the world. The powerful, deep and meaningful voice that Perkoff lent to his Lady can now be heard on this excellent CCC cassette. Driving the words home with precision and cool, Perkoff demonstrates that his poems were not so much written but dictated. His voice was the jazzy trumpet of an angel of the streets.
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