Dominic Alleluia – Sound Works

Dominic Alleluia - Sound WorksNew in our catalogue:

Dominic Alleluia – Sound Works

(C-60 cassette, jointly released by Slowscan and Counter Culture Chronicles, 2020)

Dominic Alleluia was born in New York City in 1937. After having sailed the world during his US Navy service he settled in San Francisco in 1958, where he has lived since. Alleluia was trained as an artist at the San Francisco Art Institute, the San Francisco Art Academy and the University of California Extension in San Francisco. His artistic practice, described by Alleluia as a “commitment to total epic art making” spans painting, sculpture, drawing, collages, mail art, sound poetry, music, dance and video or film, the latter in collaboration with his wife, dancer-choreographer Susan Alleluia.

Slowscan and Counter Culture Chronicles have now jointly released on cassette a number of Dominic Alleluia’s sound works from 1978-1980. The works were recorded at Frog Holland Studio, San José and engineered by Larry Wendt. The C-60 cassette comes with a xeroxed 1988 letter of Alleluia to Slowscan’s Jan van Toorn with notes on these works:

The “Yat System” is a theatrical exercise which was composed for The Pacific Ballet of San Francisco at the KQED TV Public broadcasting station. “The Ring Variations” is a manipulation of the opera “The Ring” by Wagner, condensed down to a few minute’s composition. “Journeys” is a manipulated time voice piece. “Micro-Computer & Voices” was composed of pre-recorded elements & live voice mixed through home made micro computer invented by Larry Wendt.