New in: James Wright – SUNYAB Reading 2/7/1969

James Wright - SUNYAB Reading 2-7-1969New in our catalogue:

James Wright – SUNYAB Reading 2/7/1969

(C-90 cassette jointly released by Ragged Lion Press & Counter Culture Chronicles, 2020)

American poet, translator and teacher James Wright was born in Ohio in 1927. Wright’s seminal 1963 compilation The Branch will not break established him as a Midwestern alternative to the East and West Coast poets of his day, while his Collected Poems was awarded with both the Pulitzer Prize and the Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets in 1972. Wright suffered from depressions and bipolar mood disorders and struggled with alcoholism throughout his life. He had several nervous breakdowns and was subjected to electroshock therapy. Fuelled by these experiences, his poetry often deals with sorrow and survival on the fringe of American society. Wright died at Calvary Hospital, New York in 1980 at the age 52. Ragged Lion Press and Counter Culture Chronicles have jointly released on cassette a recording by Allen De Loach of James Wright in his prime while reading poetry at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNYAB) in July 1969.