New in: A Different Kind of Day

New from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Tate Swindell & Neeli Cherkovski – A Different Kind of Day

Both Tate Swindell and Neeli Cherkovski have solid reputations as documentalists of the ‘Beat Generation’. Swindell runs his fine Unrequited Records label from San Francisco and has released albums by Herbert Huncke, Harold Norse, Jack Micheline and others. Currently Swindell has been co-editing – together with Neeli Cherkovski and Raymond Foye – a poetry compilation by Bob Kaufman and has been preparing an album of previously unreleased material by Gregory Corso. Neeli Cherkovski, like his younger colleague Swindell born and raised in California, is the author of biographies of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Charles Bukowski. Cherkovski has also written ‘Elegy for my Beat Generation’ and ‘Whitman’s Wild Children’, a collection of essays on twelve poets that he knew personally. Apart from their activities as documentalists, publishers, organisers, interviewers and lecturers, both Swindell and Cherkovski write poetry themselves. Swindell’s own writings and photos have been published as ‘Palpitations’ and ‘The Creation of Deadlines’ and Cherkovski has been awarded several literary awards for his highly original poetry.

Counter Culture Chronicles has now released a split cassette on which Swindell and Cherkovski can be heard reading their own poetry at the Beat Museum, San Francisco in November 2017. Their post-Beat poetry descends in a direct line from the works that they have studied so well and keeps alive the untamed freedom and raw directness of the works of their predecessors. Their sense of rhythm, down-to-earth subject matter and formal freedom in their poems do not only pay tribute to the works of an earlier generation of poets but are in the first place a strong continuation of a by now established line of American poetry. Order Now