New in: Ira Cohen – Dundee 2003

Ira Cohen - Dundee 2003New from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Ira Cohen – Dundee 2003

Ira Cohen’s fame mainly rests on his work as a photographer, filmmaker and publisher. Cohen developed his lauded ‘mylar chamber’ portraits of friends and fellow-artists, directed the seminal underground film The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda and published his exquisite Starsteams Poetry series of hand made books from Kathmandu in the 1960s and 1970s. Cohen’s work as a performative poet is somewhat eclipsed by his flamboyant visual work and his groundbreaking activities as a publisher, but with the second cassette that Counter Culture Chronicles has now devoted to Cohen, this aspect of his creative output receives due attention.

Recorded live at ‘Kill Your Timid Notion’, Dundee in 2003 Ira Cohen is heard reading some of his poems in his typical deep and commanding voice, accompanied by David Keenan on guitar and Chris Corsano on drums. Cohen, aged 78 at the time, vigorously trumpets his messages, memories, thoughts, visions and mini revelations into the audience while Keenan and Corsano subtly wrap his opium fuelled words in improvised music.

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