Cameron Jamie: Orphan’s Prayer

Orphan's Prayer | front

Now available from Sea Urchin: a new photo-copied artists’ book by Cameron Jamie. It is called Orphan’s Prayer and has been issued in April 2011 in a limited edition of 100 copies by Petit Singe Press, Paris.

The book contains 48 xeroxed drawings, notes, and texts on coloured paper, and has beautiful metallic bronze front and back covers. Each copy is hand-numbered and has the date stamped in it. Last available copies. Buy now or regret for ever!

Cameron Jamie (1969) has received wide acclaim as a draughtsman, filmmaker, installation artist, and musician. Throughout his work Jamie explores ritualized and sublimated violence.

Jamie’s films, drawings, installations, sculptures, music, and editions form an intense body of work that taps into the subconscious layers of our societies and strangely manages to combine violence with elegance and vulnerability.