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(Salvador Dalí & Angus MacLise)
Although no record could be found of Angus MacLise having met Salvador Dalí, it is very well possible the two actually met in the New York underground scene of the sixties. Percussionist, poet, actor, and publisher MacLise played an active part in the New York multimedia underground, and Dalí, at that time at the height of his fame, was a regular guest at all sorts of events in New York.

From the early sixties on MacLise travelled extensively and integrated Asian instruments and styles in his percussion works. In the same period he played bongos with La Monte Young's The Theatre of Eternal Music Ensemble, which combined avant-garde compositions with Asian drones and percussion rhythms. In that ensemble he met John Cale, who introduced him to Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison, and soon after that MacLise found himself the first drummer of The Velvet Underground. By the time The Velvet Underground gained recognition through the efforts of Andy Warhol, MacLise, however, had already left the band to devote his time to non-commercial music, poetry, publishing, multimedia productions, and even more travels.
Andy Warhol shot two screen tests of Salvador Dalí in the mid-sixties, and it is through these short films that MacLise's music and images of Dalí accidentally met. The Dalí films were included in Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia events, in which The Velvet Underground played live while a number of Warhol films were projected on a screen behind them. When in 1966 Lou Reed fell il, John Cale asked MacLise to rejoin The Velvet Underground temporarily for The Exploding Plastic Incredible events in Chicago. But apart from this accidental collaboration through Andy Warhol, MacLise and Dalí never joined forces.
Dalí's voice and MacLise's percussion are combined on the track The Delirious Rock. Dalí's hallucinatory English has been slightly adjusted to match the rolls of MacLise's percussion.
 The Delirious Rock 
 (Salvador Dalí & Angus MacLise) 

 Could you define the word paranoiac? 
 Could you define it in more detail? 
 The name is paranoiac critical method 
 One spontaneous method 
 Based in the instantaneous association of delirious material 
 My method instantaneously creates miracle 
 My kind of imagination is the same consistency 
 Que one rock of this country 
 Mediterranéen landscape 
 Grecque antiquity and my monstruositites 
 Is the same kind of solid rock shape 

 My delirium is injected and sublimate in this rocks 
 And in this geology 
 This also is well clear in my moustache 
 Because my moustache is le contrary of the moustache of Fiederich Nietzsch 
 Fiederich Nietzsch is le depressive moustache 
 Plenty of musique and fog and romanticism 
 And the Dalí moustache is exactly the same que two erected scissors 
 Completely metallic 
 The same que le rocks of this country 
 The Cabo Creus, only twenty minutes of here, 
 Is one fantastic delirium of rocks, again 
 And these rocks is formed in two completely contrary kind of structure 
 One is le soft rocks 
 Is the same que lava 
 You know, the same que emailli 
 Soft watches 
 And the other very dry 
 Very erected, almost gothica, 
 Alors, between these two, 
 The soft and the stiff 
 Dalí work constantly 
 Through the medium of the geology, the landscape, and the rocks 
 Penetrate the kind of paranoic imagination of Salvador Dalí. 
The Delirious Rock has been composed of Salvador Dalí talking to David Bryson (1963) and part of a solo on barrel conga and bongos by Angus MacLise (1968).

The Salvador Dalí interview was published on the CD Surrealism Reviewed, LTM Compact Disc, LTMCD 2343.
Angus MacLise's percussion solo can be found on the CD Brain Damage in Oklahoma City, Quakebasket/Siltbreeze SB-81

An article on Angus MacLise by René van der Voort: http://www.blastitude.com/13/ETERNITY/angus_maclise.htm

Information on Dalí: http://www.salvador-dali.org/

On Warhol stars & The Velvet Underground: http://www.warholstars.org/chron/1966.html
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