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As soon as Bart Jan Spruyt, director of the Edmund Burke Foundation, announced that his foundation would join forces with white supremacist Geert Wilders to form a new political party, three members of the Board of Trustees of the foundation resigned in protest: former Prime Minister Van Agt, former parliamentary Hillen and senator Van Middelkoop, all Christian politicians. Significant though these resignations may be, our interest has now been drawn to those members of the Board of Trustees who did NOT resign after the Burke Foundation had exposed itself as a group prepared to infiltrate Dutch parliament via rising star Wilders. (The fact that director Spruyt now feebly denies that the Burke Foundation has ever intended to form a political party with Wilders comes too late to cover up the Foundation's real intentions, which come close to planning a coup).

Two of the loyal members of the Board of Trustees of the Burke Foundation deserve our special attention: columnist Paul Cliteur and former Minister of Finance Onno Ruding. Cliteur has already been forced to refrain from publishing his white supremacist views after the Dutch intelligence service had pointed him and other columnists out as major factors in the polarisation of Dutch society. Ruding used to be vice-chairman and director of the Citibank, part of the Citigroup, the largest private financial institution in the US. Already in March 2002 De Groene Amsterdammer published an article by René Zwaap with detailed information about the illegal practices of the Citibank under Ruding's supervision, including laundering the profits of the Mexican Juarez-drugscartel, corruption and illegal arm supplies to Croatia and Ecuador. Practices in which, according to Zwaap, Ruding and Jorge Zorreguieta, now father-in-law of the Dutch crown prince, played vital roles.

The Citigroup is the world's largest financer of fossil fuel development; their clients include Chevron, Exxon and BP. Largest single share holder of the group is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. Because of the group's investments in both oil and the defense industry the Citigroup is not only seen as the major driving force behind the war in Iraq but also as the party that makes the highest profits from that war. Their interest lies in war itself. And they are indiscriminate when it comes to choosing who they deal with: their clientele counts dictators and criminals as well as the Bin Laden family.

In our previous pamphlet we have already pointed out that the Burke Foundation is listed as one of the think tanks that serve as fronts for US corporations: the only interests these think tanks pursue are the interests of their sponsors. We already wondered if the anonymous sponsor of the Burke Foundation could have an interest in the polarisation of Dutch Muslims and non-Muslims which the foundation has been trying to achieve. Through Ruding a clear connection between the Burke Foundation and the Citigroup exists. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see a connection between the Burke Foundation's destructive policies and the Citigroup's interests in the war in Iraq. After all, it can hardly be a coincidence that both Wilders and a number of prominent members of the Board of Trustees of the Burke Foundation are defense experts for their political parties. Bugger this sham!

René Zwaap's article on Ruding and Zorreguieta (Dutch):

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