Cameron Jamie – Decapitron

Artist : Cameron Jamiesold out

Publisher : Shoboshobo Books, Paris

Limited edition : 60

Year : 2011

Pages : 48

Size : 150 x 105 x 3 mm

Cover : fullcolour xerox

Inside : monochrome spirit-duplicated drawings

Binding : hand-stitched

€ 10.00

Since 2007 Mehdi Hercberg’s imprint Shoboshobo Books from Paris has published a series of A6 artists’ books printed on a spirit duplicator (or Ditto machine), which allows print runs of no more than 60 copies. In this series Cameron Jamie has just published his trippy Decapitron. The booklet contains 48 monochrome pages of drawings. Each copy is bound in a different page order and varies slightly as to the density of the inkt. The cover is a fullcolour xerox showing two photos selected by Jamie. Each book is hand-stitched and is a unique piece of work. Very few copies available!