The Reverend Howard Finster – Stranger from another World

sold outArtist : Howard Finster
Publisher : Counter Culture Chronicles
Year : 2019
C60 cassette
Design : André Koolmees
The cassette comes with a laser printed text insert
Limited edition of 80
€ 8.00
Postage & packing not included

Howard Finster (1916–2001) was a Baptist minister from Georgia who became known for his work as an outsider artist. Claiming to be inspired by God, Finster spread the gospel through numerous works of art, which he assembled in his four-acre ‘Paradise Garden’ in Summerville, Georgia. After having retired from preaching in church in 1965, he devoted all his time to Paradise Garden, which he had started four years earlier. Finster rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s through articles, exhibitions and the bands R.E.M. and Talking Heads, who used his work and sculpture garden for album covers and a video clip. Finster produced tens of thousands works of religious art until his death in 2001 and held a pragmatic view of his fame and success. About his cover art for the Talking Heads album Little Creatures he once said: “I think there’s twenty-six religious verses on that first cover I done for them. They sold a million records in the first two and a half months after it come out, so that’s twenty-six million verses I got out into the world in two and a half months!”

The A-side of the Counter Culture Chronicles cassette Stranger from another World contains a recording of Howard Finster talking about how his art enables him to spread the gospel. “One day people realise they need what Howard Finster’s got”, he explains during his rant. Finster’s stream-of-piousness continues on the B-side with religious songs and hi-speed preaching, but then changes into memories of his youth in the countryside. Finster lards lively stories about hunting, birds, raccoons, fox hounds, possums and black bears with all sorts of animal sounds. The Reverend is a one-man radio play.

The Reverend Howard Finster - Stranger from another World