The Radicalization of Timothy Leary

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Artist : Timothy Leary
Label : Counter Culture Chronicles #4, The Hague
Year : 2014
C-90 cassette
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These recordings, released on a C-90 cassette as Counter Culture Chronicles #4, focus on the period following Leary’s escape from prison and flight to Algeria with the help of the Weather Underground in 1970. The cassette contains a 1966 interview of Timothy Leary at the Millbrook estate, a reaction to Leary’s escape from prison and exile into Algeria by Leary’s friend and associate Ram Dass, a 1971 communique by Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver in which he distances himself from fellow-exile Leary, plus a 1983 interview of Leary following the publication of his autobiography ‘Flashbacks’. Inserted in the cassette box are a couple of militant quotes by both Leary and Cleaver from the Algeria period. Brains on fire and souls on ice.