Jürgen Ploog – Inside Flesh Film

sold outArtist : Jürgen Ploog
Publisher : Counter Culture Chronicles
Year : 2019
Language: English
One-sided C60 cassette
Recorded May 2019 at the Nova Image Studio, Frankfurt/M
Tape editor : Robert Schalinski
Design : André Koolmees
The cassette comes with a laser printed insert
Limited edition of 80
€ 8.00
Postage & packing not included

German writer Jürgen Ploog (München, 1935) used to work as an airline pilot for 33 years. Transience and crossing borders have since been integral to his existence and writings. Ploog’s early literary output gravitated naturally to the cut-up method that William Burroughs and Brion Gysin popularised in the 1960s. His early experiments at cut-ups were published in the satirical magazine Der Metzger and in the German Beat magazine Gasolin 23, which Ploog founded with Carl Weissner and Jörg Fauser in 1971. Since then the cut-up technique has remained an essential component of Ploog’s prose, at first prominently present – for instance in his hardcore cut-up novels Cola-Hinterland (1969) and Die Fickmaschine (1970) – and later subdued and overlain by loose episodical structures. Pacific Boulevard (1977) and Nächte in Amnesien (1980) are examples of those later logbook-like works.

Ploog’s cut-up novella Flesh Film was published by Moloko Plus in 2018. In his review of this novel for Reality Studio Edward S. Robinson writes:

“What Ploog achieves in Flesh Film is a text that exists within its own space, drawing on Burroughsian tropes while demonstrating the experimental flare of his successors, while also looking forward with a distinctly twenty-first century aesthetic. Perhaps this is due in part to his re-creation of a Burroughsian world, often set in exotic and mystical places and populated by all sorts of shady characters — and Mugwumps. Equally, though, it is again due to taking a fundamentally random mode of writing and harnessing it. Ploog freely admits to editing his cut-ups, the cutting, splicing and reconfiguring of text analogous to the cutting and editing of film. A flesh film, no less.”


For the Counter Culture Chronicles cassette Inside Flesh Film Jürgen Ploog and Robert Schalinski – who also designed the Flesh Film book – have teamed up to produce a fascinating audio companion to the book. Fragments of the book are read by Ploog in a voice manipulated by Schalinski to resemble a cross between William Burroughs and the Alpha 60 computer voice in Godard’s Alphaville. The fragments are cut up and interspersed with bits of noise, street sounds, insects, fighting cats, TVs, music, radio broadcasts to form a noir radio play. The narrator impassionately reports from a dingy hotel room in a non-descript corner of an unhinged universum. Time and space have changed their game there. And yours is about to break down too.

Jürgen Ploog - Inside Flesh Film