Ira Cohen – Poetry

sold out 
Artist : Ira Cohen
Publisher : Counter Culture Chronicles
Year : 2020
C60 cassette + set of Ira Cohen memorabilia
Design : André Koolmees
The cassette comes with a set of laser printed memorabilia
Limited and numbered edition of 30
€ 10.00
Postage & packing not included

The unstoppable Counter Culture Chronicles celebrate their 50th release with a limited and hand numbered Ira Cohen special. The edition of 30 copies consists of a C60 cassette and a set of Ira Cohen magazine clippings, photographs and announcements from the CCC archives. The cassette contains a clear recording – date unknown – of Ira Cohen reading poems in his familiar booming voice and New York accent.

This edition is not only CCCs 50th release but also the fourth in a series of interesting Ira Cohen releases on CCC. In 2015 CCC released Ira Cohen’s Subliminal Cassette followed by no fewer than three releases in 2019-2020: Dundee 2003, The Majoon Traveler and now Poetry. Happy 50th CCC. Keep up the good work!

Ira Cohen - Poetry