Harry Hoogstraten – Indiana

Author : Harry Hoogstraten
Label : Counter Culture Chronicles, The Hague, The Netherlands
Counter Culture Chronicles #9
Year : 2016
Language : English
C-72 with a silkscreened and laser copied sleeve
Liner notes by Harry Hoogstraten inserted
Limited edition of 100sold out
€ 7.50
Postage & packing not included

Counter Culture Chronicles writes about this release on cassette:

‘It’s the year 1978, Harry Hoogstraten and fellow poets Jim Koller and Franco Beltrametti are succesfully touring the USA. A heavy schedule, long drives, travelling huddled together in Jim’s car. On arrival in Indiana Harry books a motel room all for himself, he just needs some space, some time alone. The TV is on, a beauty contest is shown, Harry takes out his notes, switches on his walkman and starts the Indiana Motel Monologue as a spoken letter to his girlfriend. It’s not known if she ever heard it, fact is the results lay dormant for years. Luckily the tape was recently rediscovered, tucked away in a shoebox, and handed over to us. Harry considers the recording as one of his best works, it’s now available for everyone to hear!’

Hoogstraten’s voice sounds soft and low on this CCC cassette because of the private character of the stream of thoughts, journal entries, poems, songs and memories addressed at his lover. It’s an intimate recording, warm, at times horny and absurd, a loving chant of exile which Hoogstraten decided to end with a fragment of a tv comedy on venereal diseases: “VD is a loaded pistol pointed right at your crotch”. Miss you like crazy, baby.

Harry’s blog

Harry Hoogstraten - Indiana