F.N. Wright – The Home Recordings

sold outPoet : F.N. Wright
Publisher : Counter Culture Chronicles
Year : 2019
one-sided C-90 cassette
Recorded 2010-2011
The cassette comes with a laser printed insert
€ 8.00
Postage & packing not included

Fred Wright (1940-2012) was born and raised in Mattoon, Illinois and lived for many years in a trailer in the mountains of Southern California. He left home at the age of 16 to serve four years with the Navy Amphibious Forces during the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis and the war in Vietnam. Upon his return from Vietnam and inspired by influences as varied as Kenneth Patchen and baseball, Wright took up writing and painting and captured in raw poems, novels and artworks his war experiences and life on the fringe of society as a veteran and biker. “I am more primitive than the Primitives”, Wright once explained. Since then his writings and paintings have been published in several print and online journals and anthologies like Mudville Diaries, X-Ray, Mystery Island Press, Bottle of Smoke and Feel Free Press. His novels include The Whorehouse (1977), Flight to Freedom (1986) and The Music Sluts (2005). F.N. Wright died unexpectedly in 2012 at the age of 69.

According to the information on the J-card this cassette is “a timely reissue of a promotional CD originally released on Speak Out Records”. The cassette contains readings of 25 poems with titles such as All the Outlaw Bikers, White Smoke, Angola Prison Blues, Mickey Mouse and the Mormons and Sister Merry Fuck. F.N. Wright is heard reading his material from the underbelly of American society in a deep and unperturbed voice as a range of often sexually charged subjects is candidly reviewed. Wright’s poems are masculine, American, down-to-earth and form a string of free-form anecdotal poems from a “beer-drinking machine” with nothing left to lose but his bike and the pants on his ass. Hopefully they serve Bud in heaven.

F.N. Wright - The Home Recordings