Aram Saroyan – Between Today

sold outAuthor : Aram Saroyan
Label : Counter Culture Chronicles, The Hague, The Netherlands
Counter Culture Chronicles #11
Year : 2016
Language : English
C-58 with a silkscreened sleeve and insert
Limited edition of 100
€ 7.50
Postage & packing not included

Counter Culture Chronicles about this release:

“Second generation New York School poet, one-time Bolinas resident. Son of the legendary Armenian/American writer William Saroyan, former president of PEN USA West, partaker in the legendary expedition to interview Jack Kerouac for the Paris Review. Teacher, playwright, novelist, biographer and performer. His one-word minimal poetry shook the literary establishment, his memoirs make us long for times gone by. An American master. On the tape Aram Saroyan is interviewed by Michael C. Ford for radiostation KPFK, Los Angeles 2014. There’s a performance together with Doors drummer John Densmore at the Armenian Music Awards, 2002, Glendale California and an excerpt from an evening at Alias Books, Los Angeles 2014.”

Poet, novelist and playwright Aram Saroyan (1943) became famous for his minimal poems, often consisting of no more than one word. In Michael C. Ford’s 2014 radio interview of Saroyan on the A-side of this cassette Saroyan explains that in developing those minimal poems he took inspiration from the art of Donald Judd, Andy Warhol and Ian Hamilton Finlay. Other recurrent themes on both sides of this cassette are his friendship with Beat poet Ted Berrigan, childhood memories and the influence, both positive and negative, of his father William Saroyan, who rose to fame as an author during the Depression. The B-side consists of two parts: one is a cheerful reading at Alias Books, LA in 2014 and the other the performance ‘Sawing Wood’ with percussionist John Densmore at the 2002 Armenian Music Awards.
The CCC cassette comes with a silkscreened sleeve and insert with two poems by Saroyan. Limited edition of 100.

Aram Saroyan - Between Today