Allen Ginsberg – En Route To Gent

sold outAuthor : Allen Ginsberg
Label : Counter Culture Chronicles, The Hague, The Netherlands
Counter Culture Chronicles #10
Year : 2016
C-70 cassette with a silkscreened sleeve and insert
Limited edition of 100
€ 7.50
Postage & packing not included

Counter Culture Chronicles about their release: ‘An intimate look: Allen Ginsberg on tour in 1979 featuring Peter Orlovsky, Harry Hoogstraten and Steven Taylor. Allen and his party travel by bus to Ghent after a successful reading at the Leeuwerik in Eindhoven. They are joined on the trip by organiser Benn Posset, Simon Vinkenoog and a clueless journalist. Harry’s lover Suze Hahn is at the wheel. Allen talks about politics, his relationship with Jack Kerouac, recites poetry and gives a crash course on traditional and modern verse. The conversation continues at a local bookshop, we follow Allen to the concert hall and the tape concludes with a couple of songs on stage. Recorded by Harry Hoogstraten.’

In this previously unpublished recording from Harry Hoogstraten’s archives we hear Allen Ginsberg talking freely about meeting Kerouac and both being expelled from Columbia University after having been caught in bed together. He then explains how he published his first book of poetry when he was making a living as a sailor and continues to recite a poem from this publication. In this lively and relaxed talk among friends all sorts of subjects are stopped at, varying from The Fugs, e.e. cummings versus William Carlos Williams, the “panoramic consciousness” of artists like James Ensor, Watergate and Richard Nixon, Bob Dylan. All of them inside stories from one of the spearheads of the Beat generation.

Allen Ginsberg - En Route To Gent