Jack Micheline – At The Florencia

Author : Jack Micheline
Publisher : Counter Culture Chronicles #13
Year : 2018
Size : 160 x 239 mm
Language : English
Envelope with two A5 prints plus one b/w A4 flyer
Limited and numbered edition of 15
€ 15.00
Postage & packing not included

In July 1992 American poet Jack Micheline paid a brief visit to The Netherlands for a couple of poetry readings and a show of his gouaches. During this trip Micheline travelled down to The Hague, where his gouaches were being framed and a poetry reading had been programmed. One of Micheline’s favourite hangouts during his stay in that town was the famous Italian coffee and ice-cream parlour ‘Florencia’, which in atmosphere reminded him of the North Beach neighbourhood in his hometown San Francisco. The ice-cream parlour and its clientele of all walks of life inspired Micheline to write his poem ‘At The Florencia’. A live reading of the poem, in which Florencia’s clients are portrayed and their names and nicknames americanised, followed shortly after at a beach café in Scheveningen. The poem has all the hallmarks of a Micheline poem. The streets hold universal truths and beauty for those with eyes to see: Joe Krug sits and smiles/with his gray eyes/Cruiser Kling/has seven rings/The baby has bright eyes/he crawls on the bench/outside the Florencia.

Counter Culture Chronicles has published ‘At The Florencia’ as a fine hand numbered limited edition. A plain brown envelope with a colour photo of Florencia glued to it contains a facsimile print on green paper of the poem in Micheline’s handwriting and a second print of the poem in typeface. The envelope also contains a xerox of the invitation to Micheline’s show in Amsterdam in 1992 with a photo by Eddie Woods and a short accompanying text to this edition on the reverse side.

Jack Micheline - At The Florencia